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Ryan Huber recognized as May 2014 Teacher of the Month

May 31, 2014

Travelling abroad exposes one to a variety of cultures, and in Ryan Huber's case, a new career choice. The former accounting major made the switch to Spanish education after his trip and has not looked back. An 11 year veteran at Pa Cyber, Ryan is currently a Spanish Virtual Classroom (VC) Instructor and the Foreign Languages Department Chair. Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Edinboro University specializing in K-12 Spanish education and is currently investigating additional educational opportunities.

What's one of your favorite memories from your 11 years as a VC instructor?
During my first few years here at PaCyber, I had one student who was determined to master the Spanish language. She stayed after class to review and practice what we discussed in class that day, attended all of my tutoring sessions to learn more than what was being presented in class, and even sought opportunities outside of class to further sharpen her skills. After three years of intense study, all of her hard work and determination paid off. Not only did she graduate high school fluent in Spanish, but she also earned a full scholarship to attend Gannon University.

One thing your students may not know about you:
I began college as an economics and finance dual major. After traveling abroad, I decided to switch majors to Spanish education.

What's the best part about teaching a foreign language?
I love teaching Spanish because it involves much more than teaching vocabulary and grammatical structures. Some days I feel like a historian, a tour guide or an anthropologist as we investigate the history, geography or culture of one of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. Other days, I feel like an actor, an artist or a writer as we try to master situational vocabulary.

How do you keep current with the subjects you teach?
My wife is originally from PerĂº. At home we speak Spanish and ask that our son also communicates with us in Spanish so he can grow up bilingual. When we rent movies, we watch them in Spanish whenever the option is available. We also listen to many different bands and musicians who perform in Spanish. Lastly, I constantly read online newspapers and magazines in Spanish to keep up with vocabulary and significant events from around the Spanish-speaking world.

Why did you choose to work at PA Cyber?
When I graduated college in 2003, I came across an ad in the Beaver County Times for a position at the Western Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. I had never heard of a cyber charter school, and I wasn't quite sure what the job entailed. After applying for the job and getting introduced to the VC delivery model, I was fascinated by the prospect and have been happy ever since.

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