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Christy Morrison recognized as May 2015 Teacher of the Month

Jun 3, 2015

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Teacher of the Month for June is Christy Morrison of Beaver, Pa. Christy has been with PA Cyber since January of 2014, starting out as an Instructional Supervisor and a Title 1 coach.  She teaches seventh and eighth grade mathematics in the Blended Classroom, and taught a summer enrichment class called Math Maniacs. Her degree is in elementary education; she’s additionally certified in grades 7-9 math and 7-9 English. She also works with teenage parents and parents-to-be through PA Cyber’s Student Assistance Program (SAP).

Q. What was the Math Maniacs class all about?

A. We did research on different mathematicians through history, talked about what they discovered, played some math games and had fun. I found a few female mathematicians to expose them to as role models.

Q. So math is your passion?

A. Yes but I love Spanish, too. I’ve done some translating for PA Cyber.  I might have majored in Spanish but Geneva College, where I was getting my bachelor’s in elementary education, requires study abroad for a foreign language certification, and with a baby daughter I couldn’t travel.

Q. Being a single mother to your little girl - that’s why you help teen parents through the SAP program?

A. I’ve been through what they are going through. I was a teen parent. I finished high school and got my college degree while raising Noelle. It isn’t easy. She’s 7 now. I’m still going to school while working; I’m halfway through a master’s degree program as a reading specialist.

Q. In the SAP program do you have all girls or some boys also?

A. Right now I have four girls I’m in regular contact with. The biggest challenge for them is trying to balance everything, to take care of themselves and their babies and still get their classes done. I work with their teachers, help them schedule and organize, and try to find resources such as the WIC program near where they live.

Q. Do you teach from home or in a PA Cyber office?

A. One of the great things about PA Cyber is that I can teach from home, though I do come in on Fridays for the SAP program. I have 220 math students in six sections: two sections in seventh grade and four in eighth. I can teach and still be there for my daughter. She and I really have a lot of fun together.

Q. Math, Spanish, reading – you’ve trained yourself in several disciplines.

A. I really believe my true calling is to be a teacher, though it took me awhile to discover that. The quote I put on my email signature is from Betty Higgins: “The goal of instruction is to produce lifelong learners.”

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