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Christine Dioguardi recognized as October 2014 Teacher of the Month

Oct 6, 2014

Congrats to Christine Dioguardi, a 12-year PA Cyber veteran, and our October Teacher of the Month! Christine is currently a Virtual Classroom instructor for 7th and 8th grade English.

Why did you choose to work at PA Cyber?

When I interviewed for PA Cyber, I was working at a school for a one-year long-term substitute position. Even though I appreciated the job I had, I wasn’t able to be involved like I wanted to be. I was intrigued by the technology side of PA Cyber. It was new and cutting edge and I made the best decision to take the leap into the cyber world.

What have you learned in your 12 years at PA Cyber?

I have learned many things in the past 12 years of working at PA Cyber. Those important things would be the ability to multitask, professionalism, and embracing the pride that I feel every day due to working at PA Cyber.

Are there any special ways you keep your students engaged in and excited about their lessons?

I have learned to really get to know my students in other areas outside of class. The more you connect with your students, the better they will perform for you in class. It’s important for me as a teacher to have my students relate what they are learning in class to their everyday lives.

One thing your students may not know about you:

My students seem to be in tune with my quirky habits. One thing that they might not know about me is that I would like to eventually own and operate a funeral home.

When you’re not at school you can be found:

When I am not working, you can normally find me outside. I found a new love of doing yard work in the warm weather. When winter comes, I am outside with my kids sled riding.

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