Profile of a Graduate

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School is an online cyber charter school that educates students throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PA Cyber is dedicated to the success of all students who have not had their needs met in a traditional education setting. Our school's graduate profile criteria have been established based on our school's vision, mission statement, beliefs, goals, and student graduation requirements.

A Graduate of PA Cyber Will:

  • Be recognized as a self-motivated learner and independent thinker who exhibits proficiency in all core subject areas and graduates with a quality, comprehensive, and relevant education that reflects the challenges facing students in a dynamic economic environment.
  • Be given the opportunity to interact with peers both virtually and in person as a means of developing interpersonal and networking skills, learn about each other, and create friendships.
  • Be prepared for any post-secondary opportunity, including college or career training, the military, employment, or building a family.
  • Be able to understand the importance of a broad view of their community, our nation, and the world, including respecting and appreciating diverse opinions, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Be proficient in utilizing technology and digital media to access and evaluate information in order to become a critical thinker and knowledgeable citizen in a diverse world.
  • Be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become a well-rounded member of society, while maintaining a commitment to personal and ethical values.

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