Special Programs

The special programs available at PA Cyber are as unique and customized as the school experience itself. Designed to foster interconnectivity among students and families while providing opportunities not traditionally found in public schools, our special programs challenge, entertain and educate while fulfilling mandatory educational requirements.

Fine Arts: PA Cyber has many exciting programs that allow students to further their interests in the fine arts via our partnership with the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center. Learn more.

GATE Program:  Gifted education for qualifying students enabling them to participate in acceleration and/or enrichment programs.  Learn more.

Graduation Assistance Program (GAP):  GAP is dedicated to providing additional support for students that are currently working with Credit Recovery and a GAP Success Plan.  GAP will offer individual assistance, guidance, support and work in conjunction with the Instructional Supervisor to facilitate the student’s academic success.  Learn More.

Guidance Department:  The PA Cyber Guidance Department works with all students to ensure their potential is fully realized in regards to academic, personal/social and career development in order to achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. Learn More.

PA Cyber ++:  PA Cyber students in all grades can receive additional learning opportunities at any one of PA Cyber's many Support Centers and Satellite Offices across the state. Learn more.

STARR Program:  Student Tasks for Academic Rigor and Responsibility. For advanced students, this specialized program unlocks greater opportunities.  Learn more.

Student Assistance Program (SAP):  This program helps students overcome barriers in order to remain in school, achieve, and advance.   SAP is designed to identify issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and mental health concerns.  SAP also sponsors activities/workshops for leadership skills for all PA Cyber Students. Learn More.

Title 1 Coaching Program: Authorized by the No Child Left Behind Act, Title 1 Coaching provides a bridge for students lagging behind in reading and math development. Learn More.

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