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PA Cyber announces “Bright Future” summer camp

Jun 27, 2016

PA Cyber Gifted and Talented Director, Mike Hissam, today announced the school is providing students in ninth through 12th grades with an opportunity to participate in “Bright Future,” an outstanding summer program.

 “It is our pleasure to offer this opportunity to our high school students,” Hissam said. “The program is free to PA Cyber students, and designed to provide them with extra guidance and motivation as they start or continue their high school education.”

Youth speaker and author of “Write to Dream,” Brad Killmeyer, will headline the three-day summer program at the PA Cyber Wexford Office, 155 Lake Drive, on Mon., Aug. 1, Tues., Aug. 2, and Wed., Aug. 3.  Hissam said he is hoping to offer more programs like this at additional locations throughout the school year.

Hissam said students attending “Bright Future” can expect to explore an array of topics, including goal setting and organization; strategies for achieving goals; planning for the future; accountability; and, gaining self-confidence.

“Parents who want their children to perform better in any of those areas are in the right place,” Hissam said, “and may send their children to the Wexford Office for the program, or sign up for the do-it-yourself option.

This program has limited availability to ensure the highest level of personal attention, so parents are urged to register today by clicking on this link:

For additional information about the program, contact Brad Killmeyer at 412-735-4233 or or visit his website at

Bright Future Program Agenda

Day 1

9:30am - 10:00am - Introduction “Ice Breaker”

10:00am - 11:00am – Opening Ceremony

  • Overview of the Program
  • Interactive Presentation – Brad

11:00am - 12:00pm – Lunch

12:00pm - 1:00pm – Personal Goals

  • Students set Personal Goals individually
  • Students then share their goals in small groups
  • Each student shares one goal with the entire group

1:00pm – 2:00pm – Action Plan

  • Students individually create an action plan to achieve their goals
  • Students share their plans in small groups
  • A Leader from the group shares their goals and action plan

2:00pm – 2:30pm – Strategies

  • Students will learn techniques on
    • Time management
    • Organization
    • Self-Confidence

Day 2

9:30am – 9:45am – Reflection

  • Students share with the group what they learned, remembered and enjoyed from Day 1

9:45am – 10:00am – Updates to Plans

  • Students make updates to their Action Plan

10:00am – 11:00am – Academic Goals

Students set Academic Goals individually

  • Students then share their goals in small groups
  • Each student shares a goal with the entire group

11:00am to 12:00pm – Lunch

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Action Plan

  • Students individually create an action plan to achieve their academic goals
  • Students share their plans in small groups (different groups)
  • A Leader from the group shares their goals and action plan

1:00pm – 2:30pm – Interactive Discussion + Presentation

  • What will be Your Biggest Challenge
  • How to Motivate Yourself
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • Accountability

Day 3

9:30am – 10:00am – Reflection

  • Students share what they learned and enjoyed from days one and two
  • Students share what steps they have taken already to achieve their goals
  • Students make any updates to their plans

10:00am – 11:00am – Challenges + Strategies to be Successful

  • Students help each other solve problems
  • I will teach and inspire students to believe in themselves

11:00am to 12:00pm – Lunch

12:00pm – 12:30pm – Student Survey

  • Students will take a survey
    • What will you take away from “Bright Future” Summer Program
    • How would you improve  “Bright Future” Summer Program
    • What was your most memorable moment of  “Bright Future” Summer Program?
    • Would you attend another summer program in the future?

12:30pm – 1:30pm – Interactive Exercise

  • The Importance of Saying “Thank You”

1:30pm – 2:30pm – The Big Finish

  • Encourage Students to Connect with Each Other
  • Share resources and opportunities PA Cyber offers with students
  • The Big Finish

Program is tentative. Students attending should pack a lunch each day.


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