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PA Cyber SPP score sees significant improvement

Nov 4, 2015

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School CEO, Dr. Michael J. Conti, today announced the school’s Pennsylvania School Performance Profile rose nearly 10 points – or nearly 18 percent – from last year.

“We are extremely gratified that our students benefitted from the measures we took to improve our academic achievement,” Conti said. “We think it’s a positive reflection on our approach, our curriculum, our teachers, and, of course, our student body.

“We are extraordinarily proud of the fact that our students demonstrated growth—especially in the category of closing the achievement gap for all students,” Conti said.

Chief Academic Officer, Alan Fritz, characterized the school’s 9.8 point gain from 55.5 to 65.3 as “significant.”

“The near 10-point jump is very satisfying,” Fritz said, “but when you drill down and look at the indicators for growth and closing the achievement gap, you can see that initiatives we’ve put in place – such as, students spending more time with teachers in the blended classrooms – are working; they’re helping our students achieve. Now that’s just terrific.”

Fritz noted that assessment scores, such as the PSSAs, represent a snapshot in time of student performance, and should not be considered the sole indicator of student achievement, but the SPP’s give schools an opportunity to compare their students’ performance from year to year.

“The School Performance Profile provides us with a measurement of the multiple facets of our school, beyond the snapshot provided with high-stakes testing. It also quantifies the manner in which we used student data to tweak certain instructional methods in order to affect academic success,” Fritz said.

Fritz said that by giving teachers better insight into their students’ performance, the adjustments they make in the classroom have better results.

“We are so proud of the way our teachers utilized student data to drive instruction,” Fritz said.

Fritz and Conti both stressed that PA Cyber is dedicated to providing academic support and remediation for all students, from the most academically successful to the most at-risk. 

"As with all testing, we will look at the results in their proper context and use them as a basis on which to improve,” Conti said.

Conti said the SPP also serves as a tool for parents to compare neighboring schools, and for the general public to look at the academic performance measures of every public school in Pennsylvania. As importantly, it offers a resource to education leaders to analyze performance indicators as they relate to achievement, and encourage best practices.


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