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PA Cyber Board appoints Hayden as school's new CEO

Nov 15, 2016

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School today announced that its Board of Trustees appointed longtime education leader and public policy expert Brian Hayden to serve as the school's new CEO.

During a special meeting of the board, the CEO-search subcommittee presented its recommendation to the full board, which approved the appointment unanimously.

"We are fortunate to have Brian on our team," subcommittee chairman Edward Elder said. "He's proven his dedication and commitment to PA Cyber's governance, and now he can apply his experience and expertise to our administration."

In the four months since Michael J. Conti resigned as the school's CEO, board members

 Elder, Judy Garbinski and Phillip Tridico served on the CEO-search subcommittee. They reviewed about a dozen resumes, conducted numerous phone interviews, and met face-to-face with four candidates before deciding to offer Hayden's name to the full board.

"Beyond the obvious skills necessary to run a school serving 10,000 students and their families, we looked for qualities in the candidates that indicated they could help us through the ongoing charter renewal process, improve communication within the organization and with policymakers and other stakeholders, and boost our reputation for running a transparent operation," Elder said.

In addition to serving as President of PA Cyber's Board of Trustees, Hayden has deep experience in education, including serving in faculty and administrative roles at the Community College of Beaver County.

Hayden also served as legislative aide to former state Rep. Nick Colafella, who served as Chairman of the House Education Committee, and former U.S. Rep. Ron Klink, who served as the top Democrat on the Commerce Committee's oversight and investigations subcommittee.

Hayden's resume boasts a long list of volunteer work and community service, as well as academic credentials, including ongoing studies that are expected to yield a Ph.D. in education management and leadership by April 2017.

"Brian has the leadership chops and personality to forge strong relationships with faculty, staff, and policymakers. He is going to hit the ground running on Day One," Elder said.

Elder also praised interim CEO Nicole Granito, who will return to her role as COO.

"Nicole stepped up and both stabilized and pushed PA Cyber forward these past few months," he said. "She did a superb job in very challenging circumstances, and I know Brian can and will depend on her continued leadership in the days ahead."

Hayden will officially step into the position Jan. 3.

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