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Bailey Patalune, 8, works at her own (fast!) pace in PA Cyber

Apr 29, 2016

PORTAGE, Pa. – She writes poetry and plays. She dances and plays softball. She goes to science camp. She skipped kindergarten and is working a year ahead of her grade level in school. Her teacher calls her “a joy to teach.”

Bailey Patalune, 8, is a third grade student working at the fourth grade level in PA Cyber Charter School, getting straight A’s and working ahead of pace in all subjects.
“She often writes her own poetry. During our lesson about dialogue and drama, she sent me plays she had written herself,” said her teacher, Kelly Manning. “She is enthusiastic to learn and help others in class as needed.”

Bailey is the oldest of three children to Aaron Patalune and Lisa Stockley-Patalune, residents of Portage, a town in west central Pennsylvania. Her brother Jackson is a PA Cyber kindergarten student, also in the gifted and talented program.  Another brother, Casey, is age 2.

Bailey’s parents said they knew she was a precocious child, and wanted to give her as many opportunities to learn and advance as possible in school, as well as get experiences she wouldn’t otherwise have in their small town.

“We had her tested before she started school, and our small local school district didn’t really have much available with gifted support. We tried out PA Cyber and we’ve loved it ever since,” Lisa said.

In PA Cyber, Bailey tested well above kindergarten age so she started in first grade.

“PA Cyber gives us a lot of freedom as a family and time for her to be a kid. She can work at her own pace, and she gets to do so many activities that we would never get to do in our local school,” Lisa said.

Through PA Cyber, Bailey has visited the Penn State planetarium, the National Aviary, the Pittsburgh Zoo, and Phipps Conservatory. She took the field trip to the pregame with the Pittsburgh Pirates, attended professional ballet and theater shows, learned how to make maple syrup and has taken classes in art and photography at nearby PA Cyber offices.

Outside school, she is active in Girl Scouts and two church youth groups, dances, and plays softball. “That child’s always on the go,” her mom said.

With Ms. Manning’s recommendation, Bailey was accepted for a second time to attend the Atoms Science Camp, and she recently got to meet Marc Brown, author and illustrator of the Arthur series of children’s books.

Bailey was named April Student of the Month at PA Cyber by Grades 3-5 Principal Kevin Romasco.

She was nominated by Ms. Manning, who stated, “Bailey is really quite good at writing and also at explaining herself for open-ended responses. She’s a joy to teach and loves to learn.”

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