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ArtReach offers diversity to families

Apr 26, 2016

Love your PA Cyber ArtReach classes? So does the Colligan family from the Greensburg area. Liam, 13, and Brendan, 9, take full advantage of the art, theatre, science and other enrichment classes offered at the Greensburg office. Their mom, Sarah, was happy to answer our questions about what classes the boys take and why they enjoy ArtReach so much.

Q. What kinds of classes do Liam and Brendan take? 

A. They have taken many different classes including painting, sculpture, anime, various types of dance (hip-hop was a favorite), digital art, coding, stop-motion animation, scene study, fencing, stage combat, improv and emojis. There are more, but those are a few of the favorites.

Q. Was it Liam or Brendan doing computer coding, digital art and Pokemon videos?

A. Both did computer coding and digital art. Brendan was the one who made Pokemon videos in stop-motion animation class.

Q. How often do they take ArtReach classes at Greensburg?

A. This year, they were taking classes three days a week.

 Q. Where do you live?

A. We live in Penn Township on a 43-acre farm. We moved there last year. I'm an event photographer and my husband Sean is a plumber and pipefitter. Liam is in seventh grade and Brendan is in fourth.

Q. When did they enroll in PA Cyber, and why?

A. We enrolled in PA Cyber six and a half years ago when Liam was in his first few months of first grade. He was bored in school and I felt that it would be interesting to try a way of doing school where he could go at his own pace, but still be using a public school curriculum. There have been a few years where we finished their course work early.

Q. What do they like best about ArtReach and other enrichment classes?

A. They like interacting with other students and the teachers. They also enjoy trying new things that they may not have had the opportunity to try in traditional school.

Q. What has been the family experience, both successes and challenges, with PA Cyber, especially compared to classroom school?

A. We have really enjoyed our experiences with PA Cyber. The options that are available to students outside of their online classes, including the ArtReach classes and field trips, make it an excellent choice for us. I like that they can focus on school work during school time without distractions, and they finish in a few hours what would take all day in traditional school. I, personally, like that the teachers are always available to answer kids' questions by email or phone. Our challenges have been mainly on the days where the kids don't feel motivated or when we get spring fever, but we do great when we push through. 

Q. What is the value to you as a parent of PA Cyber and ArtReach classes?

A. I don't feel like my kids are missing out on anything that they could be getting in a brick-and-mortar school. They're getting the best of both worlds--a good education without distractions and a lot of great options for activities outside of their school work.



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