Family Link

The PA Cyber Family Link is a platform for informal get-togethers, organized activities, and individual conversations that breathe life into the school years and promote a life-long love of learning. Students connect with classmates who share their interests, and parents support each other by sharing information and experiences.

It is connectivity that extends beyond our virtual walls, bringing together students and families in ways not often promoted in traditional brick-and-mortar scholastic environments.

Through Family Link, PA Cyber students and parents have access to:

  • Online Directory: An online directory of fellow members' names, grade levels, email, and geographic area paves the way for open communication with other students in your grade or geographic area.
  • Parent Discussion Groups: Parents can network with other parents from the comfort of their homes by participating in online chats. Ideas, tips, and insights are shared daily through this forum.
  • Classmate Chats: Many students become more engaged in their education when they build friendships with classmates online and on the phone.
  • Organized Activities: Family Link regional coordinators plan events to bring families together for fun. Some of these activities include movie night, game night, picnics, and park trips.
  • Smaller Groups: As students and families become acquainted, they find common interests and often branch off into informal groups that plan activities or just "hang out."

All PA Cyber students and families are welcome to join Family Link using any of the following methods:

  1. By accepting the invitation to join Family Link during the face-to-face interview.
  2. By coordinating with your I.S. (Instructional Supervisor)
  3. By emailing

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