Technology Learning

PA Cyber provides the resources each student needs in order to reach his or her full potential educationally, creatively, and personally. And nowhere is this in evidence more than in our provision and application of connective technology to create a virtual classroom environment that is second to none.

Technology is available to every family at no cost.

The Virtual Classroom (VC): The PA Cyber Charter School offers online instruction through Virtual Classroom, a cutting edge learning tool that enables real-time voice interaction, whiteboard sharing, and even breakout sessions to enhance a student's learning experience.

Through VC, PA Cyber students attend real-time classes online with live instructors. Classes meet several hours a week for instruction. On non-instructional days independent assignments, tests, and quizzes are assigned and completed.

The benefits of VC include:

  • Flexibility in scheduling, live teacher instruction and feedback, as well as the opportunity to work independently.
  • The opportunity for students to interact with the teacher as well as classmates by oral and written communication.
  • The ability to record, archive, and play back all classes for future review and study.
  • The ability to offer unique variety, the latest technology, classroom and teacher support, and guidance for student success.

PA Cyber students receive the following:

Learning Management: While many schools face challenges as they attempt to quantify and validate the effects of e-learning on 21stcentury students, PA Cyber employs a very flexible technology framework that relies on “best-in-breed” products in an integrated approach so that every aspect of the learning process is stable and feature rich. In performing in this manner, the framework allows for potential component failure without sacrificing the entire learning system or the student experience.

In addition, we very much enjoy participating in on-going research and development efforts that allow us to continue to bring new and exciting technologies to bear within all aspects of the learning process. Students will enjoy private social networking, collaboration tools, real-time interaction in the virtual classroom, and a host of systems from providers such as Schoology, Blackboard and Microsoft, as well as those tools provided by those curriculum providers who help offer choices to our students and families.

Computers:  Students who are enrolled in PA Cyber receive a laptop computer. Currently we partner with LAM Systems, Inc. ( in order to provide best-in-class laptops with the following technology:

  • Lenovo x131e Notebook
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional
  • Internal microphone
  • Headphone/line out
  • 11.6" HD LED anti-glare (1366x762)
  • Microsoft Office®
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Headset/Microphone combo
  • VisTablet PenPad Digital Tablet
  • Internet Content filtering
  • Carrying Case
  • Unlimited Technical Support

Equipment Policy: Currently, we observe a four-year technology refresh period, which is a year longer than our standard warranty period. For example, a student entering ninth grade would use that laptop through the senior year.  PA Cyber reserves the right to substitute other PC or laptop equipment at its sole discretion. The result may be that your student receives a PC or laptop that is not new, yet still within the warranty period and able to handle the requirements of the student's chosen curriculum. 

Printing and Imaging:  PA Cyber will supply the latest model HP all-in-one printer to accommodate the printing and imaging needs of our students.

Internet Access:PA Cyber offers Internet service reimbursement. Families may apply for Internet service reimbursement up to, but not greater than $50 per month of service unless proof can be shown that the only available service in your area necessitates higher monthly billing. Reimbursement is permitted for one Internet connection per family.

Home Networking:In cases where multiple students reside in a single household, accommodations can be made so that each student can access his or her chosen curriculum and web-based resources simultaneously. In these cases, we may elect to provide your family with in-home wireless 802.11 b/g/n networking equipment.

This provision supports the learning process, and enables students to work independently and at their own pace. This service is free of charge with installation assistance, via telephone, from our Helpdesk team as needed.

Technical Support: Technical support through the helpdesk is provided to PA Cyber students between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note that support after 4:00 PM must be pre-arranged. Our in-house Helpdesk team is dedicated to solving technology-related issues quickly and will employ a wide array of tools, such as remote control via a secure web server, to see that this goal is accomplished.

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