How Does Our School Work?


Students at PA Cyber have several curricula from which to choose; That is one of our distinct advantages over traditional bricks and mortar schools.  However, all of our curricula fall into  two broad categories – asynchronous learning (self-paced) and synchronous (real time) learning.

Real Time Learning (synchronous): For students who are interested in--and respond best--to instruction in real time similar to a traditional classroom environment.

For these students, PA Cyber conducts real-time classes utilizing the internet and a software program called Elluminate. Using technology we provide at no cost to you, we create a Virtual Classroom where students can interact with the teacher and other classmates through spoken, written, and auditory communication. Classes are conducted several hours per week with independent assignments, tests, and quizzes to complete on days in which live classes are not held. 

Self Paced Learning (asynchronous):  For the student who needs greater flexibility in his or her schedule, a more customized classroom option is the better choice.

These types of students include, but are not limited to, motivated learners, students who are ill, students who have children, students who travel regularly or students who have parents who work non-traditional shifts.

The advantage of asynchonous learning is that the student can quite literally learn at his or her own pace based on personal circumstances, preferences, and abilities that are discussed in detail with the student's Instructional Supervisor.

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