How Does Our School Work?

At PA Cyber, the academic success of our students will always be our top priority. That is why we have developed a new classroom option that encourages learning and personal success. It surrounds our students with highly skilled teachers who will serve students’ individual needs, and encourages family members to become partners in the teaching and learning process.

Beginning in September 2014, PA Cyber students will have more choices for classes and instruction. In addition to our virtual classrooms and our self-paced classrooms, PA Cyber will introduce blended classrooms. The blended classroom will give our students the guidance of a qualified teacher and the flexibility of a self-paced course – the best of both worlds.

Blended classrooms – a flexible-but-focused learning experience

The Blended Classroom is an option for students in grades K-12.  In grades K-4, students selecting either the Calvert or Lincoln Interactive curriculum will be scheduled in a live class session once a week for all subjects.  These class sessions will contain video clips, discussion, and other activities to help reinforce the content presented in the asynchronous material.  In grades 5-12, all core content area courses, including Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies will be offered in the Blended Classroom.  Students will be required to maintain a steady pace in their asynchronous work, and based on need, will be required to attend the once weekly live classroom meeting.

 The approach allows adults in our students’ lives to give them the support to succeed. Classes offer a greater level of structure, as well as communication about the students’ academic needs to family members so they become an integral and active part of the learning process.

 Blended classrooms will be offered to students in every grade, and attendance in the live component will be based on student need. In kindergarten through 4th grade, students who choose Calvert or Lincoln Interactive will be scheduled in a live class once a week for each subject. Certified teachers will conduct these one-hour classes, which include high quality video, lively discussions, and supplemental activities that support what students learned in the self-paced material. In grades 5-12, language arts, math, science, and social studies courses will be taught in the blended classroom. Students needing assistance in their self-paced work will participate in a weekly, live classroom meeting.

Virtual Classrooms offer variety

The PA Cyber virtual classroom offers students in grades 2-12 a unique instructional setting by conducting real-time classes with certified teachers. It offers students innovative technology, teacher support and guidance, and the opportunity to succeed.

 Based on Lincoln Interactive courses, the VC follows a traditional school-year calendar. Students can interact with their teachers and classmates each day, and earn credit when they successfully complete the yearlong course.   

All core subject area courses meet five days per week, while elective courses meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. VC scheduling is flexible, but students are required to attend. Our academic advisors work with families to choose from a variety of times for each class in order to meet each student’s need. 

Students in grades 2-4 are scheduled with the same teacher for all core subjects and meet in class each day for a given time period. Grades 5-12 have one teacher for each course. Daily lessons include discussions, video, and other activities. Homework is assigned daily to reinforce what was presented in class. All Virtual Classroom courses are recorded and archived so students can review sessions as needed.

Self-paced classes offer flexibility 

Self-paced, or asynchronous, classrooms are available for our elective and enrichment courses. They have no live component, and allow students to complete schoolwork when it is convenient for them.

 In this setting, students log in to our learning management system powered by BrainHoney and complete the posted coursework. Classes include readings, videos, games, discussion boards, and assessments, and a Pennsylvania certified teacher is available to assist students in the class.

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