Please Be Aware: Due to the recent rush to enrollment at PA Cyber Charter School, enrollment demand has exceeded available seats. Families interested in future enrollment will be placed on a waiting list. As seats become available, admission to the school will be based on a lottery system amongst all of the new waiting list applicants.

2020-2021 Health & Safety Plan

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School has developed a Health & Safety Plan in accordance with The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requirement for school reopening. This plan will serve as a guide for all instructional and non-instructional school reopening activities. This plan is specific to PA Cyber based on our unique operation as a cyber charter school. The development of this plan was completed utilizing guidance from The Department of Education, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH).

It is our goal to ensure all school community stakeholders are fully informed regarding PA Cyber's commitment to health and safety. As a cyber charter school, PA Cyber is uniquely positioned to provide teaching and learning to our students online and allow for increased safety and flexibility to students and families during these unprecedented and ever changing times.

PA Cyber will continue to monitor and update our Health and Safety Plan as needed throughout the 2020-2021 school year and in accordance with PDE guidance and requirements.

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